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Pastor Naveed

About Pastor Naveed’s ministry

Pastor Naveed lives and works for the Lord in 90 % Muslim Pakistan. He is ministering via FMI (Formerly Forgotten Missionaries International) is an independent mission agency   Unlike most Western mission agencies which recruit, train, and send missionaries from here to go there, all of FMI’s overseas church planters, pastors, and evangelists already live there.  Pastor Naveed has a ministry of evangelism and church planting in the punjab area of Pakistan. He expresses gratitude to the church Family at St. John’s for their partnership and support fortifying his Ministry.  His local church has grown to over 60 members causingthem to consider building a modest church building.  He requests our Prayers for the lord’s provision for this project. He has other Ministry locations and in 2017 more than 120 people placed their faith In Christ through his ministry.

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws protect ideology over individuals, often resulting in abuse which amounts to legalized terrorism. The nation’s penal code criminalizes acts, speech, and even inferred innuendo which run contrary to revering Islam. According to Section 295C of the Pakistan’s penal code, the crime calls for a mandatory death sentence.

There is little information publicly available for any details desired contact George Griffith.

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