St. John's has been instrumental in supporting and funding “We Serve”. Volunteers can continue to support the group through:
1. Donating financially to the Feeding the Homeless Fund at St. John's
2. Volunteers are needed to bring food to the church that will be served on Monday nights
    Coordinate with Rick and/or Ann McElreith to find out how to do this
3. Volunteers are needed to bring socks, gloves and hats to distribute to the homeless
    Coordinate with Rick and/or Ann McElreith to find out how to do this
4. Volunteers are needed to join us on Record Street,  Reno at 5 p.m.on Monday nights to serve the food items
    Coordinate with Rick and/or Ann McElreith to find out how to do this

5. Pray for the ongoing success of this program

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We Serve Photo

WE SERVE - A St. John’s LOCAL Ministry for Feeding the Homeless one night a week -   led by Rick & Ann McElreath

Here is an opportunity to apply your skill to a needed LOCAL RENO mission for a short term project.

The Session and your missions committee, in late June, voted to support YOUR personal involvement in TWO APPROVED local mission projects.  These projects are EDDY House, and the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESOURCE CENTER also known as DVRC. We will be discussing these projects more in the coming weeks ... BUT ... we have an urgent need for some St. John’s  volunteers at the DVRC    RIGHT NOW ...  Many hands make light the work !

The DVRC, serving victims of Domestic Violence, relies on community donations to help provide DVRC clients with free resources such as hygiene kits, food, clothing, diapers, wipes, etc. These items are piling up in a small room at the center, and need ORGANIZING !!  In addition; There is another room, called the PointĚ room, where, nicer, newer donated items are stored for client use and is used for those victims of domestic violence who reside at either the DVRC’s  emergency shelter or transitional housing facilities. This room also needs ORGANIZING !!

ORGANIZING involves taking donated items, whether diapers, non-perishable food, hygiene, or gently used clothing and organizing them in a manner that is easily maintainable and user friendly for future volunteers, clients and DVRC staff to utilize on a daily basis.  Volunteers can organize the diaper/hygiene room and the point room, as you wish, during normal hours of operation 9 to 5 Monday to Friday for any period of time that your schedule allows.  Organizing will require standing and lifting about 10 lbs, chairs will be provided if necessary.  DVRC staff volunteer coordinator RoseAnne Rivera will get you going and assist you as needed. In order to volunteer, an application needs to be filled out and an in-person meeting scheduled with RoseAnne.  The DVRC is located  at 1735 Vassar Street, Reno across from the TV Channel 4 studio. Off street secure parking is available

HOW TO GET STARTED don’t wait   Contact Andy or Bev Wiedeman   775-360-5951  OR  Send us an Email by Clicking HERE
Go direct, (but let us know) to the DVRC.  Let them know you are from St. John’s.  Contact:   RoseAnne Rivera at 775.329.4150

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