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The goal of the Mission/Outreach Committee is to advance the work of Christ by sharing the resources of St. John’s Church to help those in need. In order to achieve this we will pursue the following activities:

  • Utilize financial and volunteer support to create local Reno/Sparks partnerships with a variety of community outreach agencies 
  • Direct St. John’s Missions Financial Resources to worldwide and local mission needs by funneling these resources to the National Presbyterian Church, Local Aid Agencies, and St. John’s church mission projects.
  • Inform and inspire the congregation of opportunities available through the Mission/Outreach Committee. 
  • Coordinate with, but not control, the outreach activities of other St. John’s groups and individuals so that collectively we will maximize our contribution and make a difference in the lives of others
  • Demonstrate and strengthen our Christian faith and enrich the spiritual life of St. John’s through these efforts. 

Mission Committee Guiding Principles

Church wide “2017 Vision Study” for Missions

The study focused on many parts of the church life, however, the following excerpt is what the study established for St. Johns Mission Committee work.
Establish priorities and focus for our mission efforts through dialog within and among the various groups in our congregation who seek to serve.

  • Expand our service to our local community, recognizing the racial and ethnic diversity around us and matching the interests and capabilities of our members to urgent needs.
  • Support local teachers and schools through gestures of appreciation as well as practical assistance.
  • Expand our support for needy families and children.
  • Promote increased financial support for PCUSA mission programs.

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