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Local Missions Concept

Through building bridges in our local community, St. John’s strategically partners with ministries that care for the most vulnerable in our community. We believe that through Outreach, we exchange blessings and resources that meet the needs we all share.  Guided by the Pastor, Session, and the Congregation’s Vision, we deliberate about outreach opportunities presented by members of the mission committee, the congregation, and the Pastor, and take action. We invite, support and encourage the engagement of the St. John’s congregation members in activities and advocacy that serve those in our local and larger community who need food, clothing, health care, shelter, safety, justice, and love.

We take seriously the importance of building and sustaining capacity for Outreach within the Reno/Sparks community as a whole and adopt the following principles:

>   Understand the urgent needs of our community
>   Provide an effective structure within St. Johns for our ministry
>  Seek to make an Impact for the Lord in local mission activities
>  Ferret out new opportunities for congregational involvement
>  Raise the awareness of the possibilities for service

St. John’s Support for Local Missions
Your contributions are used in several ways
. The ministries listed below are those supported in 2018  ...

St. John’s Financial Support for Local Mission Agencies

Pentecost Offering ... Big Success,  about $3,500 donated - $1,400 to go to Eddy House, a Local Homeless agency for youth

St. John’s Internal Mission Projects

“We Serve  - Homeless Feeding Program led by Rick and Ann McElreath
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Backpacks - Provision of School Supplies led by Mike Pierce
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Local Outreach