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About “We Serve”

We Serve is a grass roots St. John’s mission project conducted by caring St. John’s congregational members.  Led by Rick and Ann McElreath “We Serve” provides meals for the homeless on Monday nights in the “Tent City” area of Reno off of Record Street.

The group of St. Johns congregation  that feeds the homeless every Monday night on Record Street in the parking lot of the Gospel Mission is "We Serve". The St. John's group consists of Rick and Ann McElreath, Dick and Jane Cates, Ron and Carolyn Scovill, Gary and Mavis Barton, Alice Nevin, Carolyn Howell, and Amy and Molly Willoughby. The "Knitting and Crocheting Into The Mystery" group at St. John's and Rene Hawkins have provided scarves, hats and gloves during the winter months. Many others occasionally provide food including Stan and Jan Peck, Harvey McGee, Pat Hammond, Clara Knight, Jean Myles, George and Connie Wells and George and Linda Turner. We are joined by a very dedicated group of individuals from the Sparks Christian Fellowship who provide coffee, lemonade, desserts and other food items weekly. Approximately 250-280 meals are served weekly.   

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We Serve Photo

Photo is representative Only and is not an actual Reno NV activity.


St. John's has been instrumental in supporting and funding this ministry. You can add your support by donating financially

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  • Bringing food to the church that will be served on Monday nights
  • Bringing socks, gloves and hats to distribute to the homeless
  • Joining us on Record Street at 5 p.m. on Monday nights to serve the food items
  • Pray for the ongoing success of this program


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